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XD2490 - MG52D

***While Supplies Last***

Please Note: 

Spare parts are no longer produced for this model, quantities are limited to available stock on-hand. 
Scanner "End of Life" date was 9/2011

We cannot guarantee availability.
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Glass Plate, 24"
Price: $206.21
Glass Plate, 24"
Glass Plate, 24" 5229D014R01
Calibration Sheet, 24", packed
Price: $327.83
Calibration Sheet, 24", packed
Calibration Sheet, 24", packed 5299D101R01
USB Cable with Ferrite
Price: $84.60
USB Cable with Ferrite
USB Cable with Ferrite 6799D172R01
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The first five digits of your scanner's serial number designate the model...

For Example:

GH67D xxxxxx = 
Magnum XL 54"
KE67E xxxxxx =