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Customer Care Kit

Price: $1,387.97
Item Number: 2898A133
Manufacturer: Contex
Manufacturer Part No: 2898A133

The CARE Kit consists of:

?         Lamp cartridge

?         Glass plate

?         White background plate

?         Micro fiber cloth

The CARE Kit covers the following scanner models:

Series         Scanner Model

KK67E         HD3630

KH67E         HD3650

KF67E         HD4230

KE67E         HD4250

GW67D        PREMIER G600

GV67D        CHAMELEON G600

GU67D        COUGAR G600

GT67D         CRYSTAL G600

GS67D        CHROMA G600

GP67D         CRYSTAL XL 42

GN67D        CHROMA XL 42


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Did you know?

The first five digits of your scanner's serial number designate the model...

For Example:

GH67D xxxxxx = 
Magnum XL 54"
KE67E xxxxxx =